Domestic Gas fired and Appliances - Installation and Maintenance

Course Overview

As part of the Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme for Gas Fitting Operatices (ACS), operatives undertaking work on domestic gas fired appliances must hold the relevant appliance module qualification.

The appliance modules are as follows (1-3 day per appliance)

  • CENWAT – Central Heating Boilers/Hot Water Heaters (CPA1 required)
  • CKR1 – Cookers
  • HTR1 – Space Heaters (including Gas Fires and Wall Heaters) (CPA1 required)
  • DAH1 – Warm Air Heaters
  • MET1 – Meters
  • CPA1 – Combustion Performance Analysis of Domestic Appliances

The cost of the course includes training, assessment and the certification fee.

Training is not a prerequisite for assessment

Course Benefits

All courses are part of a Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme.

Entry Requirements

Operatives must hold a current Core Domestic Gas Safety (CCN1) qualification. For MET1 operatives must hold either CCN1 , CESP1 or CMA1. For REGT1 operatives must hold either CCN1 or CMA1.


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