Domestic hot water storage systems (Unvented)

Course Overview

Domestic hot water storage systems course covers all hot water systems. Updated due to the recently revised G3 Building Regulation, the DHWSS course features the original content of the old unvented hot water systems training, plus the new requirements under G3 for both vented and unvented systems.

Training and assessment takes place over one day with candidates doing slightly different assessments depending on whether they require initial assessment or re-assessment. Operatives who hold the pre-existing Unvented Hot Water certificate, are eligible to do re-assessment. The DHWSS Course is recognised by Competent Person Schemes (CPS) approved to offer self-certification under Approved Document Gof the Building Regulations.

Course Benefits

The initial assessment is designed for operatives who do not have an up to date Unvented Hot Water Systems certificate. Re-assessment is for candidates whose qualification has expired within the last 12 months

Entry Requirements

Candidates must be experienced in the installation of domestic hot and cold vented and unvented water systems and hold one Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) recognised competency in a conventional fuel. For those in the plumbing field, an NVQ Level 2 or equivalent qualification / experience is required.


One of the best presented courses I have attended.

Dave Weaver

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